Deante Ramon In the Studio

I had Deante Ramon and Taylor Wigington in the studio to perform one of Deante’s new original songs. What a great song and the and message.

“This song came out of a time of worship. In fact it wasn’t even done yet. That was until the SPIRIT took over! I praise God for the Holy Spirits touch on this song and pray that you as a listener live a life with NO words left unspoken for the Gospel” -Deante Ramon

Studio Update 1-10-2014

Studio Update 1-10-2014

Corrie Kneer

I’ve been busy here in the studio. I am working with Corrie Kneer on her EP/CD (it might grow as we go) of original songs. I am having a ton of fun working on this. It’s going to be a good one. I have had several musicians in to work on this project which has been a good test for my new space. You can see them in the pictures below.

Feeling Inspired

After an evening of recording with Corrie and her gang I was feeling inspired so, I recorded a cover of a Bryan and Katie Torwalt song for my facebook friends. Here is the result.


Studio Cloud FrameEven though the studio construction has come a long way, as you can see from the above pics and video, there is still more work to do. Next step is clouds. No not white fluffy things floating around the room! Sound treatment on the ceilings to stop the sound from reflecting. The room already sounds pretty good but these babies are going to really tighten it up. Here is one of the frames I built last night. It still needs wrapped in black fabric and stuffed with special insulation. I hope to have them all finished and hung by the end of the weekend. More to come soon. Blessings, Dan


Studio Update – 9-24-2013

It’s been quiet here on the website but not at the studio. Actually, it has been tore down and moved across town to a much better space. We still have a lot to do but are starting to ramp up in the new space. Here is a peak into the construction of the new space. Can’t wait to put it to use! If you have contacted me for a session or project you will be hearing from me soon. Soooo Excited!

Marty Cummings Live

Marty was playing live at Beyound The Veil Fellowship last Sunday and asked me to shoot some video. Here are some of his new songs, that will be on upcoming albums, performed live. Enjoy!

Ilumination Worship In the Studio

Had some great sessions with Illumination Worship over the holidays. This is going to be a really good CD. Look for it to release sometime in February.

Marty Cummings In the Studio

Marty Cummings In the Studio

I had a great time working with Marty Cummings on two new songs this past Sunday. Looking forward to hearing how these songs develop as we add tracks in the coming weeks.